Profitable Growth with Great Developer Experience

Profitable Growth with Great Developer Experience

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Special price until March 15th, 2020 - pay only 50% of the course EVER.  You will get 50% of the course now, 100% will unlock on March 16th, impact the final chapter of the course now! 

Osaango x DX Doctor together present 26 episodes + personal advice why Developer Experience matters to growth & profitability.SMEs, managers, marketers, designers and API Product Managers: Build your MVP or improve the existing experience. Research meets practice


Who is this program for?

  • Startup founders, who find themselves in need of an API product or platform relying on API use​

  • Business management professionals in charge of a business area with B2D business model as one of many or only business model​

  • Professionals in one of these areas with little knowledge of the other areas: customer service, product management, marketing, service design, enterprise architecture, software architecture

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